The summer session is compressed, and hence, a single day of class in the summer is the equivalent of two regular-semester class days.
• You are allowed to miss two (2) classes.
• At the third absence, you lose ten (10) pts. off of your final grade.
• At your 4th absence, you fail the class.
• If you arrive more than 10mins late to class, you are "tardy." Two tardies equal one absence.

My policy is that I don't make a disctinction between "excused" and "unexcused" absences. A missed class is a missed class, period.

You are expected to get the notes for any missed classes from one of your classmates. If you email me requesting a summary of what we discussed in the class you missed, you will recieved a cold, curt response suggesting you ought not to email me for such a request.

Late assignments.
Your assignments are due on the day and time they are due. If an extreme situation arises, you have 24 hours to get me the assignment, albeit with a 10pt penalty. After 24 hours, you cannont turn in the assigment.

Technology in class.
I fully expect that many of you will be using some sort of digital device to take notes in class. I expect you are taking notes, of course, and not fiddling about on Facebook, or any other online 'Book. Outside of note taking, you are not allowed to use cellphones in class. If I catch you texting during class, unless you have prior consideration, likely you will recieve a cold, curt, and public verbal castigation.