Course Description.
This course offers an introduction to media production that blends the practice of still, moving image and sound production with an examination of the theories of how meaning "gets into" media. Students learn the language, aesthetics, and technology for still images, moving images, and sound, and apply this knowledge through creative projects, presentations, and critiques.

Course Objectives
By the end of the course, students will be able to:

• Develop an understanding of the technical, historical and aesthetic evolution of media production as evidenced in responses to readings and screenings during class discussions.

• Establish technical proficiency in media production as demonstrated by theability to work with digital media to create expressive artifacts that demonstrate fluency with sound and visual aesthetics.

• Enhance critical thinking about the methods and theories of media production as evidenced in the way ideas articulated in readings, screenings, and class discussions are incorporated in work, participation in discussions, and writing.

• Discover a productive, critical, and insightful voice to talk about one’s work and the work of fellow students as evidenced by participation in screening and critique of student works.

Required Text
There is no required text for this class. All required readings are found on the class schedule page, on the date for which they are due.