We have equipment reserved exclusively for this class.
Canon Vixia handheld HD cameras.
There are six cameras available; I'll highly recommend you partner up with someone else in the class, a 'camera buddy.' The two of you can share the camera, negotiate a schedule, and help on each others projects.
We'll do a camera workshop on the first day of class. I've linked the manuals here, if you'd like a refesher.
R600 'Getting Started' Guide
R600 Full Manual
The camera is a package that includes:
32GB card
2 batteries and a battery charger/wall adapter
Lavalier microphone
USB and mini HDMI cables

We also have audio equipment that must be checked out separately.
Digital audio recorder, with case, headphones, 4GB card
We have 6 sound kits available for the class. As above, your best technique would be pair up with another student and check out the sound kits together.

Rode shotgun microphone
Pistol grip for Rode mic
Boom pole for Rode mic
Lavalier microphone

Equipment checkout
All equipment is available for checkout from the CAMD Equipment Lab at 240 Ryder Hall. No equipment will be checked out during class, nor should any equipment, or any questions about checkout, be directed to me.

The checkout system for our equipment is currently in question. You'll be checking out from the CAMD Equipment lab in Ryder Hall. It'll be an on-line checkout system, but as of writing, there is no information on it beyond that. As soon as I know, you'll know.

Missing or broken equipment
There is no insurance on the equipment. This means you are financially responsible for any equipment that is lost or broken while you have it checked out. Make sure that when you check out the equipment from the lab you carefully examine to assure all items are present. If anything is missing, make sure you make a note of it before you leave the lab.
Do the same before you return the equipment.

you will edit your work on Adobe's Premiere Pro editing software, conveniently found in the Digital Media Commons on level 2 in the Snell Library.
The policies for the Digital Media Commons are found here:

As NEU students, you have complete access to, an online database of software tutorials.
Throughout the semester, I will post links to specific lessons for the skills you'll need to do the projects. However, I strongly encourage you to watch as many lessons, and gather as much knowledge of the software, as you can.

Viewing and submitting projects
You are expected to show during class on our critique day, and to submit your projects to me for grading. I highly encourage you to use Vimeo. Upload your work, and email the link to me befor the class the project is due.