Unit 1: Media and the Image
Week 1
(First day of class)
Introduction to syllabus and class overview.

The language of the image + equipment tutorial.
Nichols, "Film as Language"
Zettl, Chap. 9 "The Three-dimensional Field"

Week 2
What is Media? How does media make meaning?
Orgad, "Media Representations and the Global Imagination" [excerpt]
"Marcel, or the Right to Choose"

"Physical Recording" presentations.
You must cite at least one concept from one of these readings in your discussion of your physical recording:
Barthes, Camera Lucida (excerpt)
Jean Baudrillard, "War Porn"
Barry and Flitterman-Lewis, "Textual Strategies: The Politics of Art-Making"
Laura Marks, Introduction to Touch: Sensous Theory and Multisensory Media

Week 3
Project 1 critique

• Tess McCallum
• Devon Tayman
• Emilio Guido
• Casey Martin
• Emily Xiao
• Ruby Yang

Project 1 critique, con't.

• Johnny Rasch
• Simon Barrett
• Alyssa Pascucci
• Sophia Huang
• Nick Wells
Unit 2: Motion
Week 4

Cinematography and motion.
Reading due:
Nichols, "Film as Language" (review sections on movement, lighting, and mise-en-scène)
Zettl, Chap. 13. "Motion"
Maya Deren, "Cinematography: The Creative Use of Reality"
Gibbs, "The Interaction of Elements"
(recommended for reference)
Mascelli, "The 5 C's of Composition"

Abode Premiere tutorial
Nichols, "Film as Language" (review section on editing)
Zettl, Chap. 15 "Structuring the Four-dimensional Field"

Week 5
Editing, con't: Structure
Eisenstein, "Methods of Montage"
Maya Deren, "Creative Cutting"

Intro to Sound.
Nichols, "Film as Language" (review section on sound)
Shooting a scene: blocking, staging, coverage.

Week 6
In-class narrative workshop, day 1.

In-class narrative workshop, day 2.

Week 7
Project 2 critique.
• Sophia Huang
• Devon Tayman + Casey Martin
• Simon Barrett

Project 2 critique, con't
• Alyssa Pascucci
• Emily Xiao
• Tess McCallum
• Johnny Rasch + Nick Wells
• Ruby Yang
• Emilio Guido

Week 8
Unit 3: Sound
Aesthetics and technics of sound.
Reading due today:
Rick Altman, "The Material Heterogeneity of Recorded Sound"

"Deep listening" presentation.
You must cite at least one concept from each of two different readings in your discussion of your deep listening experience:
Csepregi, "On Sound Atmospheres"
Andra McCartney, "Soundscapeworks, Listening, and the Touch of Sound"
Makagon, "Sonic Earthquakes"
Kassabian, "Ubiquitous Listening"

[No class 3/7 + 3/9: spring break]

Week 9
Sound in moving image media.
Reading due today:
Zettl, "The Five-Dimensional Field: Sound"

Tutorial on editing and mixing sound in Abobe Premiere.

"Sound in cinema" scene analysis presentation.
Concept assignments are found on the "projects" page.
M. Chion, Audio-Vision Chap. 4 and 5

Week 10
Project 3 critique.
• Emilio Guido
• Ruby Yang + Sophia Huang
• Tess McCallum
• Casey Martin
• Emily Xiao
• Johnny Rasch

Project 3 critique, con't.
• Nick Wells
• Simon Barrett
• Alyssa Pascucci
• Devon Tayman

Week 11
Unit 4: Found Footage
Media and recontextualization.
Benjamin, "The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction"
Farber, "White Elephant Art and Termite Art"

Found materials presentation.
Emily, Alyssa, Jonny:
Chris Cutler, "Plunderphonia"
Ruby, Emilio, Simon:
Daphne Keller, "The Musician as Thief: Digital Culture and Copyright Law"
Devon, Nick:
Eno, "Generating and Organizing Variety in the Arts"
Tess, Sophia, Casey:
Paul D. Miller, "In Through the Out Door: Sampling and the Creative Act"

Week 12
Manifesto presentation.
• Johnny Rasch
• Casey Martin
• Ruby Yang
• Tess McCallum
• Emily Xiao

Manifesto presentation, con't.
• Emilio Guido
• Devon Tayman
• Sophia Huang
• Nick Wells
• Simon Barrett
• Alyssa Pascucci

Week 13
No class: work on final projects.
Seth will be in his office if you'd like feedback on a rough edit.

Project 4 critique
• Alyssa Pascucci
• Sophia Huang
• Tess McCallum
• Devon Tayman
• Simon Barrett

Week 14
(Last day of class)
Project 4 critique, con't.
• Emily Xiao
• Casey Martin
• Nick Wells
• Emilio Guido
• Ruby Yang
• Johnny Rasch