You have four graded assignments in this class:
• 5 media journals.
• 2 exercises.
• 1 discussion lead.
• 1 midterm exam.

In your journals, exercise summaries, and discussion lead notes should I expect correct in-text and bibliographic citations using MLA citation methods. If you are unsure how to do correct citations, please refer to the ‘writing resources’ page on our website.
Failure to properly cite will result in points off.

Media Journals
Due each Sunday evening by 11:59pm. (July 15th, 22nd, 29th, Aug. 5th, 12th + 19th)
You are required to complete 5 total journal assignments.
Use this form as the template for your journals.

Each Sunday, you will turn in a 400-500 word journal about a media object experienced outside of class, applying the concepts we discussed in class that week.

• I'm looking for you to be very specific about the media you experience. Take notes. Be accurate about names and titles. The more specific you are, the better your grade.
• Be specific about the ideas from the readings you are applying to the media. A brief verbatim quote from the reading will help your grade.
• The journal is more than a collection of notes. It should be posing a question or making an argument.
• You must include proper citations in your journal, both in-text and bibliographic.

You must complete 5 total journals. You may choose any 5 of the 6 possible journals. You may choose to do a 6th journal to replace one of the previously submitted 5. This will be due on Aug. 19th at 11:59pm. Please be clear about which journal you are replacing.

You will have two exercises, one at the beginning and one at the end of class. These two exercises are meant as bookends to our semester, allowing use to take account of how much we've learned about media.

Both exercises will have a written portion and an in-class presentation. The written portion is due at 11:59pm the day of the presentation.

Thursday 7/5
Exercise #1: "Media use and time"
For this first exercise, you'll choose a 4-6 hour period and note all the interactions you have with media.
• Choose a continuous 4-6 hour portion of your day.
• Take detailed notes of every relation you have with some sort of media. Be specific!
• Include every interaction: this means media that you interact with personally, or with a group, or in public space, or that you accidently see or hear.

Your presentation and written component should address the following questions:
• For each media interaction you had, state how you interacted with it (were you paying close attention? paying half attention? trying to ignore it?) and why you interacted with it.
• Did you do anything with the media that you aren't supposed to do with it? Did you use the media exactly as you believe it is intended to be used?
• Propose an argument for you use media. What are your patterns? What did you notice that you hadn't before?

Wednesday, 8/15
Exercise #2: "Making media"
For this final exercise, you'll produce some media. We've spent the session talking about media, and for this exercise, you have the chance to bring all the thinking you've been doing to bear on a media text that you create.
You are encouraged to think about 'media' as widely and creatively as you wish. You can make a 'traditional' media object such as a video, photo, or sound.
However, I encourage you to be creative in the design of your media text. One example would be a sidewalk chalk drawing; you are welcome to think even further out than that.
There are no wrong answers here, as long as you are able to address the five aspects of media outlined below.
These are the five aspects of media we've been stuyding this session. These five topics should be the basis of both your presentation and written summary.
Message. What are you trying to convey to your audience?
Medium. What medium did you choose? Why did you choose these medium over any other for your message?
Audience. Who are you trying to reach? Why did this audience need this message? Why is this medium the best choice to reach this audience?
Users. How did you assume your audience would use your media? What did you do to direct their use?
Effects. Did you take note of any effects of your media? Were you able to measure your impact at all?

Make sure you have some documentation of your media text; this could be the object itself, or it could be a photo/video/audio recording of it.

On Wednesday 8/15 you'll present to us your media text. Make sure you address each of the five aspects. In addition, you'll submit a written summary to me by 11:59pm on 8/15.

Discussion lead

Once during the semester, you will be assigned to lead a discussion on any topic we discussed in the course of that week.
Your discussion leadership will have three parts:
• Present to us a piece of media
• Relate it to the texts or discussions from the week
• Propose three open-ended questions and lead a discussion with the class on those questions

Your grade will depend on how specific your media is, how precisely you use the texts to analyze the media, and how well you lead the class in discussion.

You are also required to submit a set of organized, correctly-cited notes on the day of your presentation. Failure to submit will result in points off your grade.

Discussion lead A.
• Maeve Larkin
• Andrey Pafnutyev
• Brian Ho

Discussion lead B.
• Alexis Hill
• Thomas Kappler
• John Wu

Discussion lead C.
• Sam Michel
• Rafi Nizam
• Marcella Jackson

Discussion lead D.
• Rina Dhawlikar
• Nick Smith

Discussion lead E.
• Gillian Foote
• Emma Jurusik
• Cathy Wang