Course Description.
This course provides an introduction to the study of media to better understand how media impact culture and society. We will explore how our everyday engagements with media are influenced and structured by broader industrial, political, ideological, and social contexts. To accomplish this, we will explore how products are developed within media industries and how technological change impacts these developments, the influence of media on political processes and how regulation impacts media content and access, how people interpret and interact with media content, and how media influence cultural practices and continue to influence our daily lives.

Course Objectives
By the end of the course, students will be able to:
• Read and critically analyze research specific to media studies.
• Understand and explain why culture and society are central to media analysis.
• Define terms, concepts, and theories fundamental to the study of media.
• Connect these terms, concepts, and theories to everyday engagements with media.
• Identify various contexts that structure our engagements with media and influence how they are studied.

The skills gained in this course are necessary for more advanced studies of media and facilitate more critical engagement with our mediated world.

Required Texts
All texts are available at the bookstore and at Amazon.

Croteau and Hoynes. Media/Society: Industries, Images, Audiences, 6th edition (Thousand Oaks, Sage Publications: 2018). link.

All other readings are found as links on the schedule page.
Readings are listed on the day they are due.